Insight Into New T-shirt Design

Hi, my name is Jordan Connors owner & lead designer here at Loyal Design. The purpose of this post is to provide some insight in who I am, why we have an online store that sells t-shirts, and share and provide some context into the recent design that was just released.

Why a store that sells t-shirt designs? There's most certainly tons and tons online apparel brands with amazing designs. So what am I trying to bring that's different? I started by thinking of our store as more of a visual journal. It pulls from real testimonies of how Jesus Christ brought about change in a dark place. Originally, I thought of writing a book. But discovered through trial and error, that writing is definitely not one of my strengths and also that I'm not an avid reader by any measure. I try, but I most certainly prefer a movie or graphic novel. That's when I had the idea to express my story through custom designs with the hope of shedding light into what brought me out of what I consider the darkest point of my life so far. But why stop there? There are plenty of other stories that have made an impact, people that I care very deeply about. Some future designs will exist to tell their stories as well. And create stylish wear that reflect the one true hope that we find in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, who am I? Firstly, I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, if you haven’t made that clear by now :), I'm a husband to a beautiful woman and father of 4 kids. I'm a self taught graphic designer that started at an automotive advertising agency back in 2006. I married young, started a family young and am no stranger to struggle. Whether financial, spiritual or emotional. My family and I have faced many challenges. Everything came to a brink about a year ago, when I was struggling with severe depression. I had an identity crisis and it shook me hard. Thank God In my darkness and trouble, Christ was there for me and slowly became the hope my life completely hinges on today. And through constant uncomfortable self examination, complete trust of my life and family in His hands, and the desire to turn away from the person I'd become; He pulled me out of that pit and made me who I am today. One design in particular was recently made to convey the message of hope, change and faith in the unseen.

Specifically, the Seek t-shirt design. Which represents the hope Jesus Christ led me to. I chose evergreens because the move from Tennessee to the Pacific Northwest brought about a new beginning in my relationships. And deepened my connection with scripture and Christ in my life. By diligently seeking His Kingdom in the everyday and not just the Sunday. The rays of light represent the treasure hidden in the things we can't see but revealed to us by faith and discernment when we walk in God's Word. The back of the shirt displays Psalm 34:4 which I thought was a great reminder of who delivers us from our troubles when we learn to seek His wisdom.

I hope this design becomes a constant visual reminder of the true light that has been so graciously made available to us.


Jordan Connors