Video Ad Design

Digital marketing provides the ability for us to create multiple types of ads to deliver your message in a way that lines up with your goal. One of the best ways to captivate your customers is through video.

87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website.


Rich media ads offer more possibilities in terms of how you can stand out amongst your competitors. The combination of motion, sound, and a solid brand is hard to miss and serves as a basis in building your online exposure, increasing brand awareness, and customer interaction.

Our process in designing these ads begins by focusing in on three important aspects: Brand, Message, and Design. Firstly, ensuring your brand is consistent from the logo, colors, fonts, and contact information. Next, defining the purpose of the ad itself through the lens of the ad copywrite: What are we displaying, saying, and conveying? Finally, we execute the design; gathering all the components, adding in the animations, video, text, images, and sound. After editing and approval, we deliver the ad in a .mp4 format to you through email for you to post.

An important principle we follow is conciseness. Get to the point! Attention spans are much lower on social platforms. 15-25 seconds is generally the sweet spot. Attract do not distract. Choose us and your customers will interact! Start your project today!